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Elder Care Network Committees

The purpose of these committees is to support the mission, programs, activities and services of the Elder Care Network of Northern Colorado.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of four members of the Elder Care Network, elected annually by the membership, to perform the functions of Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. See our Bylaws for a description of each of these functions.


2017 CHAIR

Taylor Cobb


Brittany Hoza


Katie Stieber


Noreen Flood


Lisa Loehr
Jeff Arduino
Don Gaymon
Alan Heileman
Scott Beethe
Kirsten Hartman

Bonnie Shetler 

Education Committee

Mission: To provide educational outreach to community members desiring information about services and programs available to older adults and their families.

2017 Education Committee Chair:

Alan Heileman

Web Committee

Mission To support the mission, programs, activities and services of the Elder Care Network through the use of the website. We do this by publishing information and educational content (as provided by committees and members); by providing interactive communication tools to enable support of the community; by maintaining the functionality of the website; and by monitoring user activity. The committee is comprised of individuals who provide technical support and those who interact with content contributors and/or help manage various aspects of the internal and external use of the site.

2017 Web Committee Chair:

Bob Larson

Phone Committee

Mission To provide children of aging parents and others a phone resource of referral information regarding services and resources in the community. Procedure: Committee members volunteer to respond to messages left on voice mail system and by emails. Messages are checked at least once a day. Expectations: Attend meetings held 4-5 times per year. Answer the voice mail messages and emails for one week, several weeks during a year as scheduled by committee consensus. Members are responsible for finding a committee member substitute if a scheduling conflict arises.


2017 Phone Committee Chair:

MaryAnne Heyman 

Senior Law Day Committee

Mission To plan, coordinate and facilitate a yearly conference on legal issues for seniors. This is done in conjunction with Larimer County Bar Association. Procedure: Meetings are usually monthly except that close to the conference they are more frequent. The conference is usually in Aug or Sept.

2017 Senior Law Day Committee Chair:


Kate Spruiell

Marketing Committee

Mission Purpose: To promote the interests of the Elder Care Network and its members through actions that will increase the visibility of programs and activities that reflect the ECN mission.

Committee Job Description:

  1. Develops policies, plans, procedures, resources for committees' involvement in marketing
  2. Informs ECN steering committee about ECN's marketing plans and about the resources needed to realize those plans
  3. Familiarizes ECN members with fundraising and communications techniques
  4. Monitors and evaluates the quality and effectiveness of marketing efforts
  5. Monitors the strength of the mission, core values, and committee projects to ensure their relevance and consistency with ECN's message to the community.

2017 Marketing Committee Co-Chairs:

Haley Harrison & Kirstyn Wilson

Finance Committee

Mission To make recommendations to the Elder Care Network Steering Committee for funding solutions and financial systems needed to support the operations of ECN. Secondly, to implement, evaluate, monitor, and improve approved funding solutions and financial systems within ECN.

2017 Finance Committee Chair:

JoAnne Bennett

Social Committee

This committee offers social events to Elder Care Network members for the purpose of getting to know each other and their businesses. These gatherings occur monthly. Location, day and time vary.


2017 Social Committee Chair:

Kathy Gallos

Steering Committee

This committee is made up of the Executive Committee plus all Committee Chairs and two Members-at-Large.


Chair - Taylor Cobb

Vice Chair - Open

Treasurer Noreen Flood

Secretary - Katie Steiber 

Past Chair - Lisa Loehr

All Committee Chairs

Members at Large - Colleen Daughtery & Patti Welfare

Membership Committee

Mission To welcome and support prospective members who fit the Elder Care Network's mission and goals.

Committee duties:

  • Create and maintain a new member packet,
  • Seek new members interested in promoting the ECN mission,
  • Send membership application and ECN brochure to prospective members,
  • Send new members an ECN new membership packet,
  • Notify chairs of new members for committees, and
  • Notify new members of committee requirements within 45 days. 

2017 Membership Committee C0-Chairs:

David Fraser & Melanie Keech

ElderCare Resource Day Committee

Mission: To plan, coordinate and facilitate a yearly conference on available resources for seniors and their caregivers.

2016 Elder Care Resource Day Committee Chair:

Katie Fahrenbruch

Volunteer Committee

2016 Volunteer Committee Co-Chairs:

Mimi Wahlfeldt

Sarah Schilz

Member Showcase

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