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The Elder Care Network welcomes your inquiries related to caring for adult elders. You may contact us by mail, email (our preference) or by phone.

By mail: Eldercare Network, P. O. Box 272687, Fort Collins, CO 80527-2687
By phone: (970) 495-3442.

Note - we do not provide medical advice. Please direct all disease or health related concerns to your physician/family health provider to receive appropriate care.

Note: If you or your care recipient are in a crisis, we urge you to call a health care professional immediately for assistance. We understand your need for information is very important -- we want to help. Where appropriate a volunteer member of the Elder Care Network will do their best to respond with an answer for you within 3 days.

Member Showcase

Taylor Cobb
Taylor Cobb
Front Range Hospice
3770 Puritan Way, #E
Frederick, CO 80516


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