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This section on financial topics, as throughout our website, offers only some guidelines and is intended to provide you some information so you'll be motivated to get personalized professional advice and implement a plan of action to meet you and your family's needs. Nothing should be interpreted as being a recommendation.
General Information
Investing with a purpose enables you to take as much risk as necessary. Also, having a goal should mean you effectively select the most appropriate investment product(s).
Financial Tools for Pre-Retirement
The key to the 40-60 years old's investment selection is to keep the objective, time frame and cash available to invest in mind when making your investment tool selection. If you do, you stand a good chance of meeting your retirement income needs and taking only as much risk as necessary.
Financial Tools for Post-Retirement
The main difference between the 60+ age group and the pre-retirement set is the degree to which certain tools are owned.
Financial Planning and Investments
Ask the planner what her qualifications, be sure you understand the amount of risk involved, decide if you are willing to live with that risk before making an investmetn decision.

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