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Legal matters related to aging can be a major challenge for seniors and their families. Fortunately, resources are available to assist families and caregivers as they help seniors address these issues.
Colorado Senior Law Handbook
The Senior Law Handbook is produced annually by the Colorado Bar Association. The Handbook contains more than 30 chapters covering a wide range of issues of interest to seniors and members of their family. This page includes links to download the complete 2015 Colorado Senior Law Handbook or individual chapters.
Consumer Rights and Responsibilities
Topics of common interest to assist us in being better in our consumer decisions.
Consumer Resources
The Colorado Bar Association's Senior Law Handbook addresses issues like age discrimination, protecting against fraud, grandparents rights and employment issues. Many other local, state and federal resources are also available.
Advance Directives
Recent national and international events reinforced the importance of making your own, unique, personal preferences known in written instructions regarding your wishes for health care treatment.
Guardianship and Conservatorship in Colorado
While appointing an agent under a durable medical and/or financial power of attorney is generally preferable, there are circumstances where a guardianship and/or conservatorship is necessary.
Residents Rights and Problem Solving in Nursing Homes
The best way to head off care-related problems in a nursing facility is to have regular contact with your loved one and the staff at the facility.
How to Find an Elder Law Attorney
Elder Law attorneys should have a special sensitivity to aging-related issues and problems.
If you have a dispute with someone that you are unable to settle informally you may want to consider mediation. Mediation allows the participants to negotiate an agreement directly with the other party in a private setting within a time frame set by the parties.
Estate Planning and Probate
It's important to note that assets such as life insurance, IRAs and most retirement plans are not controlled by a person’s will or revocable living trust.
Government Programs
Eligibility for government paid programs and benefits vary across a wide range of programs.
Northern Colorado Senior Law Day
Senior Law Day provides attendees with important and useful information on many issues facing our growing senior population.

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